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We provide USA VPS(United States Virtual Private Server Hosting) in different datacenter location, such as Los Angeles,California,US,  Phoenix,Arizona,US, Seattle,Washington,US, Las Vegas,Nevada,USA. Get your US VPS today!

United States VPS Hosting:(Linux VPS)

  1. Budget Xen VPS - Price start at $4.95/month with 256MB ram, good for website with budget
  2. Cheap VPS - Price start at $3.93/month with 256MB ram, good for learning Linux
  3. Enterprise Xen VPS - Ram start at 2GB, very good performance and stability
  4. Big Memory VPS - Ram start at 4GB, excellent for game server or some programe need huge memory
  5. Large Storage VPS - Disk Space start at 55GB, good choose if you need big disk space
  6. Windows VPS - We have mutiple US locations for Windows 2008 VPS, Windows 2003 VPS and Windows Server 2012 VPS

Why choose USA VPS?

US VPS(Las Vegas VPS, Phoenix VPS, Los Angeles VPS, New York VPSSeattle VPS) has good network connectioin to all over the world. Bandwidth of USA VPS(United States VPS) has guaranteed quality. Hardware of US VPS Hosting always has better quality. Your data will be safe on United States VPS hosting because of the law of USA. 

VPS Speed Test for each USA locations

You can find US VPS test IPs at VPS Speed Test 

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