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VPS Plan: BudgetVM Xeon E3-1230,4GB ram,110GB SSD VPS Hosting
Updated at 2018-01-14
RAM 4GB Virtualization KVM
Disk 110GB Disk Type Pure SSD
Bandwidth 5TB Network Port 100Mbps
Operating System Windows and Linux Dedicated IPs 5 IPv4(s)
DDoS Protection 10Gbps Provider BudgetVM
Monthly Price $32/Month Order Extra Add-Ons Detail
Locations Chicago,Illinois(IL),Midwest of US Dallas,Texas(TX),South of US Los Angeles,California(CA),West of US Miami,Florida(FL),South of US
IPv6 One /126 IPv6 Subnet Plan Group Other

Note of BudgetVM Xeon E3-1230,4GB ram,110GB SSD Cheap VPS

  • 5 IP Addresses $5/mo
  • 13 IP Addresses $10/mo
  • 29 IP Addresses $15/mo
  • 61 IP Addresses $32/mo
  • Upgrade to 1Gbps $10/mo
DDOS Protection
  • 10 Gbps / 10M PPS - Free
  • 20 Gbps / 20M PPS - $20/mo
  • 30 Gbps / 30M PPS - $30/mo
  • 40 Gbps / 40M PPS - $40/mo
  • 50 Gbps / 50M PPS - $50/mo
  • 100 Gbps / 100M PPS - $100/mo
Hard Drives
  • 1TB SATA $10/mo
  • 2TB SATA $20/mo
  • 3TB SATA $30/mo
  • 4TB SATA $40/mo
  • 5TB SATA $50/mo
  • 6TB SATA $60/mo
  • 120GB SSD $10/mo
  • 240GB SSD $25/mo
  • 480GB SSD $30/mo
  • 960GB SSD $50/mo
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Test IP and Network Information

Los Angeles:
» Test IPv4 IP:
» Test IPv6 IP: 2605:f700:40::
» 100MB Test File

» Test IPv4 IP:
» Test IPv6 IP: 2605:f700:c0::
» 100MB Test File

» Test IPv4 IP:
» Test IPv6 IP: 2605:f700:100:3::
» 100MB Test File

» Test IPv4 IP:
» Test IPv6 IP: 2605:F700:80::
» 100MB Test File

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