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VPS Provider: AlphaVPS ( Offical Website of AlphaVPS )

Brief of AlphaVPS

AlphaVPS founded in 2013, Offers 3 Day Money Back Guarantee

AlphaVPS is a small yet efficient team comprised of IT professionals that have a vast experience based in technology and IT.  Terms of Service

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AlphaVPS Test IP/Network

London, United Kingdom  Test IP:
Test File: 100MB

Nuremberg, Germany  Test IP:
Test File: 100MB

Sofia, Bulgaria - Telepoint DC  Test IP:
Test File: 100MB

New York, United States Test IP:
Test File: 100MB

Los Angeles, United States  Test IP:
Test File: 100MB

More information of AlphaVPS

“AlphaVPS is a part of DA International Group Ltd. and is operational since 2013. We’re a company, registered in Bulgaria, EU (202826767). We operate out of our office in Troyan and are fully staffed inhouse, offering 24/7/365 support via tickets, emails and live chat / phone, during EU business hours. Our range of services include a big variety of IT services out of 5 PoPs. We operate AS203380 and the hardware we utilize in BG is fully owned by us.”

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