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Cheap VPS for Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Good quality Cheap Linux VPS start at $2/month, include cheap KVM VPS, Xen VPS and cheap linux OpenVZ VPS. And most providers offer 3-day money back guarantee for new client of the cheap vps plans. try it without risk! Linux KVM VPS Linux Xen VPS OpenVZ VPS DDoS Protect Linux SSD VPS Europe Linux VPS Asia Linux VPS USA Linux VPS US West Linux VPS US East Linux VPS RAM>=4GB

Cheap VPS for Linux VPS Hosting Plans include KVM or Xen VPS plans and OpenVZ VPS plans. KVM or Xen VPS is superior to OpenVZ VPS in terms of memory management. How to choose? We recommend you choose KVM or Xen VPS if you want more stability and better performance( especially for java apps). But if you only use VPS for php+mysql website, OpenVZ vps is good enough for that, and you can get more memory and disk space with our openvz vps. Note: OpenVZ Cheap VPS are NOT GOOD for Java Apps!

OpenVz VPS can oversold RAM and disk space, this is why cheapest vps always based on openvz.But KVM or Xen VPS is non-oversold and gives you better resource separation and a more stable environment for your VPS and allows you to have close to real hardware resource emulation. 

KVM Linux Cheap VPS <= $5 is good for 10000 visits/day

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