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VPS Plan: 2Sync 2GB VPS (Serbia) - 2S VSRS02 VPS Hosting
Updated at 2018-01-10
RAM 1GB Virtualization KVM
Disk 50GB Disk Type SATA
Bandwidth 500GB Network Port 100Mbps
Operating System Windows and Linux Dedicated IPs 1 IPv4(s)
DDoS Protection N/A Provider 2Sync
Monthly Price $30/Month Order Extra Add-Ons Detail
Locations Serbia,Republic of Serbia
IPv6 N/A Plan Group Other

Note of 2Sync 2GB VPS (Serbia) - 2S VSRS02 Cheap VPS

Our servers are housed in Niš Datacenter located in the heart of Serbia. The datacenter has 3 independent optical access networks (Telekom Srbija, Orion Telekom & SBB) thus providing quality reach and connection on all of our servers.
Please note that you have to use your own license for Windows os
We can install your preferred OS too if you can provide us with ISO.
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Test IP and Network Information

Location: Nis, Serbia

Test IPv4:  Test files: 100MB

Location: Panama

Test IPv4:   Test files: 25MB 50MB 100MB

Location:  Poland 
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a02:d107:77d2:0c7b:d7e1:af75:b23d:0001

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