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How to fix Code Helper running at 100% CPU on Mac

VS code uses the file watcher to identify any changes in the files. You can exclude the folders containing multiple files and not require to watch continuously. “files.watcherExclude”: { “**/.git/objects/**”: true, “**/node_modules/**”: true } eg.: “files.watcherExclude”: { “**/.git/objects/**”: true, “**/.git/subtree-cache/**”: true, “**/node_modules/**”: true, “**/mycms1/mycms/application/**”: true, “**/mycms1/mycms/library/**”: true, “**/mycms2/MyCMS2/**”: true, “**/mycms2/MyCMS2-Admin/**”: true }

How to remove “format on save” space before and after closing braces in VS Code

to prevent {key: ‘value’} being changed to { key: ‘value’ } when formatting, add below to user setting in your vs code: “editor.formatOnSave”: true, “editor.formatOnType”: true, “javascript.format.insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingNonemptyBraces”: false, “typescript.format.insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingNonemptyBraces”: false, to the VS Code settings, to be able to prevent {key: ‘value’} being changed to { key: ‘value’ } when formatting

VScode auto line wrap by default

In VS Code 1.9, we’ve changed the Toggle Word Wrap action to persist to User settings. The change was received with mixed feelings by our community, so for VS Code 1.10 we have rolled back that change and the action will only temporarily affect the current focused editor. The change also started a healthy discussion around the …