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Run laravel php pdftk inside a docker

1st error: sh /usr/local/bin/pdftk not found, then copy pdftk to public_path() .’/test/pdftk’ 2nd error: sh: 1: /var/www/public/test/pdftk: Exec format error $pdf = newPDF3($template_pdf, [ //’command’ => ‘/opt/pdflabs/pdftk’/bin/pdftk’, //’command’ => ‘/usr/local/bin/pdftk’, ‘command’ => public_path() .’/test/pdftk’, ‘useExec’ => true, ]); $pdf->fillForm($all_data) ->needAppearances() ->saveAs($filled_pdf); return$pdf->getError(); get into the docker bash: docker exec -t -i laradock_nginx_1 /bin/bash

Install Laravel Docker for Mac

Install Laravel Docker for Mac 1. Download and install Docker for Mac, user: laraveldocker Pass:laravexxxxxxx.xxx8 2. Follow installation doc from docker-compose up -d nginx postgres pgadmin redis workspace 3. errors fixed by “can add  shared paths /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/myapiary from Docker -> Preferences… -> File Sharing” and ERROR: for laradock_docker-in-docker_1  Cannot start service docker-in-docker: b’Mounts denied: …

Laravel Docker with Nginx,PHP7,MySql,Postgres,phpMyAdmin,pgAdmin

Laravel Docker with Nginx,PHP7,MySql,Postgres,phpMyAdmin,pgAdmin Let’s see how easy it is to install NGINX, PHP, Composer, MySQL, Redis and Beanstalkd: 1 – Clone Laradock inside your PHP project: git clone 2 – Enter the laradock folder and rename env-example to .env. cp env-example .env 3 – Run your containers: docker-compose up -d nginx mysql phpmyadmin redis workspace 4 – Open your project’s .env file and set the …